If you have been with me for awhile, you will have seen these girls before. They have been with me for almost the entire time I have been shooting – 13 years! I saw them every year for an update until they moved to Victoria a couple of years ago. I spend a fair amount of time in Victoria since my grandparents are there so we have been trying to figure out a time to get a session in on one of my trips…it had not worked on previous trips though. Fortunately, they got in touch with me late last year just as I had booked a trip there in December. Yeah, so I was able to see the girls (and the puppy) again! I was shocked to see how much they had changed. I had always thought that older kids didn’t change very much…I do not believe that anymore…based on all of my clients and my own kids! I think that my son, in particular, has even changed a ton since we moved form California this summer!

Anyway, on to the pictures! Definitely will go down as one of my favourite sessions…but I say that a lot:). I will be in Victoria again this month and can always extend my trip…if anyone there is interested in a session:).