My website is currently going through an upgrade and will continue to have a few changes through Feb…just wanted to let you know if you are checking back and it is not very consistent right now. I will have the date out for February’s Child Portrait session this week though.


I was in Victoria last week visiting my grandparents. They are 96 and 95 and so I am trying to visit as much as I can…especially now that I am back in Canada:). During this visit, we watched some of their home videos from when my mum was little. My aunts and uncle had taken the old reels and put them together on a DVD. It was the best to watch their family and their interactions. It totally inspired me to keep videoing…even the little things. So Monday, I did a little video of our after school scene. I thought that this might inspire you…take the video…or hire someone to take the video so you can get in it. I will be posting some tutorials of how you can put together some of your own home videos on iPhone soon so you can get started:).


* Disclaimer…my daughter’s long face is because I was trying a new healthy hot chocolate from a super foods class I attended on the weekend…she was not pleased and would have preferred the sugary one. I might as well keep it real:)…someone is often complaining about the new recipes I am trying;).