I have a work hard, play hard attitude…and thankfully my business crosses over the line into fun! I left my corporate job 13 years ago to pursue my passion and it has been the best decision (beyond my husband and kids) that I have ever made. I’ve taken my drive, professionalism and work ethic from my corporate life and applied it to my creative businesses. For you this means that I’ll deliver on and hopefully exceed your expectations…and we’ll have a blast creating lasting images for your family! I want your family to have a fun experience that has captured your family as you are. I’ll produce a couple of posed portrait shots because the grandparents may want them but for the most part, I produce emotional images that you can look back on and remind how you felt or to remind you of the little things. With my children now being 13 and 11 (and having lost a parent too early), I know that the little things are really the big things.


Each child is unique and that is what got me started into this business in the first place. I still strive to highlight your child’s uniqueness within my images. This may be that they are more shy or more spirited or might get overstimulated easily or enjoy a good dance party…I’ll read your child and adjust my approach to ensure we get the best results for your child. The best compliment that I can receive from parents is that I have captured your child exactly as you see them.


I recommend that you go through the galleries and blog and see if my style resonates with you…and if the images of another family sparks something in you…imagine what I can produce for you:).


I am also very happy to meet with you in advance so you can ensure that we are a good fit for each other. The majority of my clients have been with me through the life of their child. I want to tell your complete story through images, not just one chapter. It gives me great joy to see or hear about gallery walls in clients’ homes that tells the story of their life in images through all of the stages of their children.


And for the “play hard” part of my life (beyond my job), I love traveling and learning to surf with my family every chance we get! We stay extremely active hiking, biking, skiing, practicing Pilates and yoga,… and eating together (usually pretty healthy as I believe that this is the fuel that gives me energy to keep up with our children…especially those little ones!;).


I noted businesses above as I have recently spun my commercial work off into a separate brand (http://www.jodyboryski.com) and expanded into commercial stills and brand films for businesses. Marrying my MBA specializing in small business marketing with my photography and videography skills has been very rewarding. I believe we are all unique and this needs to shine through into small businesses as well. As a small business owner, I know first hand that my unique personal background and experiences are what have brought life to my brand. I want to help others to highlight theirs through imagery and emotionally connect with their best audience.